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October 03, 2011


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Billy Barnes

That all makes sense. A lot of these places claim that they are real people( subscribers ) that they are selling. They can make it look very legit. I really appreciate this article, I do know someone who is really wanting to purchase profiles just because of needing to see more faces on the site.
Forgive the seemingly shameful plug, but if you go to yourspecialsomeone.com you will see only real people, just need a ton more of um' :) This helps even me rethink this whole buy profiles thing. It is very tempting when you see all the promises they make.
Great article!!

Account Deleted

SalesDatingprofiles.com works in dating business since 2004 and has its own dating sites. Also it's the official partner of many great dating companies. As for the other profile companies, they provide illegal profile content or scammers. Please, read the FAQ firstly.

Joshua Pompey

Buying profiles is a necessary evil, but also dangerous. Nobody will show up to a dating site and stay on if there are not active members. It is hard enough to find success on sites where there are thousands of real members in the area!

At the same time, the author hit it on the head when he said to provide extensive attention to the members you draw in. Word of mouth and campaigning properly will be the key above all.


It is a catch 22 as to whether or not to buy profiles as others have said who wants to join a dating site where there are no members. While at first it seems like the obvious choice having to way the potential bad of buying profiles from a source that would seem to have every motivation to just simply make up a bunch of profiles from nothing to me outweighs the potential of failing. Having just launched http://www.meet4dates.com it was a real struggle to decide whether or not to buy profile and in the end we choose to start from scratch and even use it as a point of advertising by being able to guarantee that while there are only a few profiles on our site that at least we know they were created by actual site visitors and represent people that visited the site and not a repository of dubious information. We are offering free memberships to start and have started a facebook page to promote the site http://www.meet4dates.com and our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/meet4dates

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