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May 17, 2011


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Roger Pavane

In addition publishers must consider convenience based payments options that allow for frictionless billing to either an end-user consumers Home Phone or Mobile Phone account. In today’s economy debit card use has increased exponentially and consumers are cautious online with sites they do not yet have experience with. Converting a user to a paying consumer is key and smart alternative choices must be provided in order to accomplish this for the publisher.

Payment Services

The processing of payment is a fundamental aspect that every business has to take into account if they are to achieve success. Then again, it is important to understand that process of payment is not a preserve for online businesses alone. Any business looking to increase their sales should be able to accommodate customers willing to pay by credit card, cash or online accounts

Merchant account

I want to know who handles the money issues and gritty in merchant account providers? Do they ask help from banks or any payment gateway?

Online Payments

Accepting online payments has proven to be an economic goldmine for internet-based companies. Well-established merchants have come to realize the incredible opportunity the internet brings by way of exposing potential customers to merchandise all over the world, who otherwise would have been required to visit their store in person.

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